Other Services

Best Services at Nitesh HUB shopping mall
Our guests deserve to be comfortable while at Nitesh HUB. Keeping this in mind we offer a range of conveniences and services.

Concierge Service

We have a concierge service and a help desk to assist customers with all inquiries. If you need to know anything about what can be found at Nitesh HUB or in the Koregaon Park area do stop by this resourceful desk.

E Commerce drop point

Very soon in Nitesh HUB to be located on lower level 1. If you would like to place and order for your favorite product online and didn’t know which address to give as the delivery point we can be of assistance to you! You may give Nitesh HUB as your delivery point. We will be happy to receive your package on your behalf and will hold it for you for upto a week at a nominal fee. So when you come over to Nitesh HUB to watch a movie, shop or dine out you can pop by and collect your parcel from us. It is that simple!

lost and found

Did you misplace something at Nitesh HUB? Can’t find your keys or your umbrella? Chances are it is in safekeeping at Nitesh HUB. Do check with our lost & found desk if they have your missing items. The concierge desk will be able to help you with more details.

Designated areas

In addition, the Nitesh HUB also has designated nursing areas for mothers who would like to nurse or feed their children and spaces designated specifically for senior citizens.
Coming very soon are other conveniences like a florist, a bag repair store and a range of ATMs.