In constant pursuit of bettering the overarching shopping and entertainment experience of customers, Nitesh HUB is all about creating spaces of convenience and comfort for buyers. From valet parking to  ATMs and other conveniences, we have it all. Nitesh HUB constantly strives to reinvent the customer experience and make shopping and entertainment a delightful experience.

The Nitesh HUB allows our guests and partners to host events within its spaces, at a nominal fee.  Anyone is welcome to approach us for an event in our spaces, so please feel free to get in touch based on your requirements!

Keeping entertainment alive and abuzz, our mall spaces are more than just the hackneyed retail mall outlet – we plan to have events all year round that bring in singing sensations, Bollywood stars, sports people and other entertainers that are revered in many circles.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking in Nitesh HUB shopping mall in Pune
While you shop around and pick up everything you like from our many stores; or watch a movie at one of the 7 PVR cinema screens or maybe grab a bite in the food court; our experienced drivers will park your car comfortably in the designated parking bays, and drive up to you when you’re done. Stay hassle free while you are in Nitesh HUB!

Special Assistance

If you are with any member of your family or a friend in your group who may need the assistance of a wheel chair in Nitesh HUB. We will be happy to provide you one for your use.


You love going out but the thought of carrying your baby across the mall is something you can’t see yourself doing? AT Nitesh HUB you don’t have to think twice. You can request for a baby stroller, which will give you the flexibility of moving around the mall in comfort.

Preferential Parking

Preferential Parking in Nitesh HUB shopping mallIf you are an expectant mom the thought of finding a place to park and then walking all the way to an elevator can be daunting. Not so at Nitesh HUB. We have preferential parking for all expectant moms – do come and check this out for yourself.

Reserved parking at Nitesh HUB shopping mall
Nitesh HUB is the place to visit even if you are differently abled. Apart from reserved parking you will have easy access to different parts of the mall. We will be happy to assist you with any of your specific requirements. Do contact our concierge desk on the ground floor to know more.


Co-Working in Best shopping mall in Pune
A unique concept within a shopping mall and entertainment space. Its work in progress. Do visit this page for updates.

Other Services

Best Services at Nitesh HUB shopping mall
Our guests deserve to be comfortable while at Nitesh HUB. Keeping this in mind we offer a range of conveniences and services.

Concierge Service

We have a concierge service and a help desk to assist customers with all inquiries. If you need to know anything about what can be found at Nitesh HUB or in the Koregaon Park area do stop by this resourceful desk.

lost and found

Did you misplace something at Nitesh HUB? Can’t find your keys or your umbrella? Chances are it is in safekeeping at Nitesh HUB. Do check with our lost & found desk if they have your missing items. The concierge desk will be able to help you with more details.

Designated areas

In addition, the Nitesh HUB also has designated nursing areas for mothers who would like to nurse or feed their children and spaces designated specifically for senior citizens.