Mall Events

The Nitesh HUB allows our guests and partners to host events within its spaces, at a nominal fee.  Anyone is welcome to approach us for an event in our spaces, so please feel free to get in touch based on your requirements!

Keeping entertainment alive and abuzz, our mall spaces are more than just the hackneyed retail mall outlet – we plan to have events all year round that bring in singing sensations, Bollywood stars, sports people and other entertainers that are revered in many circles.

Weekend FunTime FamilyTime (10th June-11th June 2017)

This weekend was a fun family time at Nitesh HUB, where Kids & Parents had a blast together. Here’s a sneak-peek into the fun, check it out:


Drawing Competition( 27th May-28th May 2017)

Hundreds of little artists showcased their talent and carved their imaginations on paper at the drawing competition at Nitesh HUB. Check out the photos-

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Glam Mom Fashion Show (27th May-28th May 2017)

Nitesh HUB played host to a fashion show where moms came together to flaunt their amazing attires and have a gala time. The fashion show also saw kids walking the ramp in all their cuteness and we couldn’t help clicking pictures.

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Summer Cool Fiesta (20th May- 21st May 2017)

The Cool Summer Fiesta was held as a weekend activity in which the families enjoyed various fun activities together with a variety of games, and other attractions. Here are some snapshots from the event.

18402943_1006284289506855_3050375912897362689_n 18402951_1006284732840144_7890922908852374182_n 18403282_1006284669506817_6874139188495017064_n 18403396_1006284432840174_1549720452993063440_n 18423933_1006284602840157_678105730398931772_n 18301537_1006284322840185_3105147477998172615_n 18301302_1006284659506818_6766594042571063258_n 18301117_1006284312840186_4340673254762453283_n 18301164_1006284789506805_2311424457179863474_n 18301862_1006284396173511_7359380645563563858_n 18301018_1006284416173509_8777350282693674539_n 18275239_1006284519506832_8965673327937877431_n

Independence Day

Nitesh HUB celebrated the 70th Independence Day of India in its full glory! While the team started with a March past, the flag hoisting in the mall entrance saw the Indian flag up in pride.
The mall also celebrated Pre Independence Day by having a well known band “Malang” perform in the mall. On the side, the auditions of an upcoming event on 27th August also took place. The crowd was seen enjoying and entertained.

Nitesh HUB Live Sessions

Throughout the month of July, Nitesh HUB hosted a series of music bands performing in the mall over weekends, the event was conducted to encourage city based talents by giving them a platform in the mall. Some of the bands were superbly entertaining by taking crowd song requests, dedications and even brought a smile to people celebrating their birthdays. In short, it was a joyful event series.

The next Mr. & Miss. Super Model Pune

The Next Mr. & Miss. Super Model Pune was one of the best fashion and lifestyle event recently concluded at Nitesh HUB Pune. The event was a one month long activity starting from auditions to rehearsal sessions and the final on 27 August all held at the mall. With more than 440 aspiring and passionate models, 40 were selected for the final event. We had well-known brands like Kazo, Naaz Shaikh, Asmita Jewels, ISAS, Bonton as our clothing, make-up, grooming and jewellery sponsors. The event saw a huge crowd turn up to the mall which made the evening more fun, exciting and glamorus.

Stay Fit Sundays

Sunday 28 August, we saw more than 200 fitness freaks and enthusiasts visit the mall to be a part of our Stay Fit Sunday. The event was an amalgamation of Zumba, Bollywood Dancing, Spinning, Cardio and Kick Boxing. High energy, enthusiasm and a lot of fun was the mantra of the evening. It was an event like none witnessed before.

Nitesh HUB – Celebrates Ganapati Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India with a great devotion. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh. Nitesh HUB installed the famous Ashtivinayak Ganpati in wooden carved figures at the mall. We also conducted a festival for kids of our vicinity and conducted competitions like; dance, rangoli, art & drawing and fancy dress.

“Band of the Bands” 2016

Band 1 Band 3 IMG_20161008_154340 IMG_20161008_170100 IMG_20161008_184133 IMG_20161008_200657 IMG-20161012-WA0019 IMG-20161012-WA0025

Little Super model 2016

IMG_20161016_170713 IMG_20161016_170346 IMG_20161016_165953 IMG_20161016_165940 14724480_551252208411479_5061340937106919175_n 14581323_551259428410757_779417632805329420_n 14570337_550802948456405_2954203808755209370_n 14563550_551259685077398_2184832993998607799_n 14485002_10154417108888046_6735714862964069288_n

Max opening

IMG-20161026-WA0010 IMG-20161026-WA0009 IMG-20161026-WA0008 IMG-20161026-WA0005 IMG-20161026-WA0004

Bachpan- A trip back to Childhood

IMG_20161112_173258 IMG_20161112_173313 IMG_20161112_173435 IMG_20161112_174945 IMG_20161112_175010 IMG_20161112_175143 IMG-20161106-WA0085

Stay Fit Sunday Kids special

Nitesh HUB-page-001 IMG_20161113_185430 IMG_20161113_185218 IMG_20161113_185216 IMG_20161113_184831 IMG_20161113_182814 IMG_20161113_172901

Make Merry with Santa

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Festive Treasure Hunt with Santa

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Western Dance Festival

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Christmas Tree Lighting

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Peter England Opening
PE 1 PE 2

Louis Philippe Opening

LP 2 LP 1

Van Heusen Opening

VH 2 VH 1

Soch Opening


Sports Opening

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Ethnicity Opening

Eth 2 Eth 1

Nike Opening

Nike 2 Nike 1